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Our Story


The Daiquiri Shack is a family owned and operated business in the Mid-Cities area that established in the historic year of 2020. As my wife and I were preparing to retire in a few years, the pandemic had plans of its own for us. 

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For over 35 years our family has lived and worked in this community. Our family used its resources to develop a frozen daiquiri company that resembled famous frozen drinks from Las Vegas, New Orleans, Hawaii and the Caribbean. We have been fortunate throughout our life to travel to many popular destinations with our children and enjoy each place’s signature cocktails. Our hope was to bring the best flavors from each back to our hometown for our family and friends to enjoy as well.


When you pull up to our shack you will feel the brilliant blue creating an oasis for what delicious drinks are to come. You can choose from one of our signature drinks off the menu or create one of your own. We offer a convenient drive-thru or feel free to come on in and have a friendly conversation with our family and staff while you enjoy the tranquil island scenery that leaves you in a relaxed mood. 

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